For more than 15 years, we have been bringing students and adults to Santiago, Veraguas, Panama to live and work in the community for two weeks in the summer. Through the years, we have developed strong ties to the families, schools, and community programs in the area.

On our program, you will experience

  • Excellent food and hotel accommodations in Panama City
  • A visit to Emberá village
  • A tour of the Panama Canal
  • A trip to the beach
  • A homestay in Santiago
  • Community service at Nutre Hogar
  • A jungle trek in the mountains
  • Meet ups at local sweet shop Cheesecake
  • A folklore presentation at a local school

And more!

Other possibilities include

  • A visit to Ofrece un Hogar, an orphanage
  • A gira to the mountain communities where Nutre Hogar and other organizations begin their outreach and missions
  • Presentations by the doctors, nurses, and physical therapists who support the recovery of malnourished children every day
  • Excursions to nearby towns and beaches
  • A visit to the local water park
  • A dance party at a local home

The hospitality and graciousness of my amazing host family really made my stay in Panama. I loved every minute of it, and I’m so grateful to have experienced this opportunity with such an amazing program.
— Kaitlin Meye, 2014 participant

At Nutre Hogar, I fed, bathed, changed, and played with Fernando, which was the first time I had ever cared for an infant. At first it was intimidating, but by the end of the trip, I enjoyed every minute with my little man Fernando. Seeing him smile and making him laugh, given his siuation, made a lasting impression on me, and making an immediate difference in his life is something I will never forget.
— Adam Jankowski, 2014 participant

When we arrived at the village, the mothers and children who were in great need of medicine and other supplies greeted us with excitement. We handed out supplies with smiles, and they smiled back, engaging in conversations with many of us while they waited in line to see the doctor...Seeing the grateful looks in the eyes of the mothers and children let us know that we made a difference.
— Will Koch, 2014 participant